These units are ideal for managing tethers on ROV systems, camera systems, remote robotic crawlers, towed sonars and more.

Add-ons include fiber or copper slip rings, adjustable level winds, manual or motorized payout and retrieval, deployment sheaves, or distance counters.

OEM Croc TMS (VideoRay Version)


  • Construction: 6061-T6 Aluminum and Acetal
  • Weight: 16 Kg (~35 lbs.] (without cable or level wind)
  • Slip-ring: 8 Conductor, 28 AWG, 240 VDC/AC (options for higher voltage, extra conductors, fiber optic, etc.)


Cable Diameter
5 mm [0.2 in]
8 mm [0.3 in]
10 mm [0.4 in]
Max Length
1300 m [4200 ft.]
500 m [1650 ft.]
300 m [1000 ft.]


  • Adjustable level-wind
  • Motorized payout/retrieval
  • Deployment arm/sheave